An Opportunity to Minister

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus instructs his followers to go forth and make disciples. I, like many in ministry, tend to confuse this with “going forth and making programs.” What do I mean by program?
A program, in this sense, is when we take the words of Christ and attempt to employ methodical and quantifiable ways of application. Not every adult, teen, adolescent, or child will benefit from conferences, events, discussions, etc. While it is advised to look to our predecessors to learn about what has or hasn’t been effective in ministry, we must consider the individual in each and every case. The introvert, the kid with family issues, or victims of traumatic experiences… Too often, potential disciples fall into the cracks of our programs. Let us remember that nothing in ministry that can be patented can be continually effective. While our liturgies have been formed according to scripture and tradition, don’t forget that our heart for ministry must be one that is dynamic in nature.
As we go forth, as we make disciples, let us never be afraid to break away from the program if an opportunity to reach through the cracks and minister should arise.

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