It is God that You Seek

Two of the most detrimental misunderstandings that can and will ruin the faith of any Christian are such that when Christ promises us happiness and fulfillment we interpret it as ‘getting to do whatever we want’; the other is understanding our ‘blessings’ to be of the material variety. Jesus never promised us material abundance, freedomContinue reading “It is God that You Seek”


Just a few days ago, on Divine Mercy Sunday (04/27/14), as the world watched and millions gathered (or attempted to) into St. Peter’s, Pope Francis canonized two of his predecessors. During the ceremonies, Pope Francis even concelebrated mass with his immediate predecessor, Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI. I think it goes without saying that this wasContinue reading “#2popesaints”

In the face of uncertainty, A Good Friday reflection…

Following Jesus and truly having faith in His Church is undoubtedly the hardest thing that anyone in this life could undertake. On this Good Friday, I often reflect on the role of the disciples during the arrest, trial, scourging, and eventual crucifixion. These men were in the inner circle, they fellowshipped with the Christ onContinue reading “In the face of uncertainty, A Good Friday reflection…”

A brief reflection on failure and forgiveness.

Why do we sin? What causes us to turn away from an all loving, all merciful God? Have mercy on me, O God, according to your steadfast love; according to your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions. Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin. – Psalm 51: 1-2 While waiting whatContinue reading “A brief reflection on failure and forgiveness.”

Trust. The only option.

     Youth ministry, any ministry for that matter, is truly a calling. However, to write about the stacks of cash we don’t make or the nights and weekends we don’t have off would be cliché and quite honestly, redundant at this point. Yet when you go to ministry conventions, conferences, or seminars there they are…Continue reading “Trust. The only option.”

An Opportunity to Minister

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus instructs his followers to go forth and make disciples. I, like many in ministry, tend to confuse this with “going forth and making programs.” What do I mean by program? A program, in this sense, is when we take the words of Christ and attempt to employ methodical and quantifiable waysContinue reading “An Opportunity to Minister”